What to do with leftover Parmesan Chicken breasts with prosciutto

I chopped up the leftover chicken and made an omelette!


1. Heat up olive oil and butter
2. Fry up chopped onions & scallions
3. Add chopped up chicken (I used The Pampered Chef food chopper which made the job super fast – and released some of my stress!)
4. Add diced tomatoes & red pepper
5. Add salt, pepper, herbs
6. Put the whole mixture aside
7. Put more oil & butter in pan
8. I put a ladle-full of scrambled egg into the pan and tilt the pan so the egg covers the pan surface
9. Add meat mixture in the center
10. Add cheese (I used Parmesan & Mozarella)
11. Fold over the sides of the egg over the mixture
12. Garnish with basil! :)