What NOT to do with your oven when preparing supper!

Last night I started cooking supper at 4:30pm. I was so looking forward to taking it slow and enjoying the process of cooking since I started so early. Roast chicken takes 1-1/2hrs so I figured dinner will be ready by 6pm! Perfect!

There were some drippings that were burnt inside the oven from before. Then I thought, hey, I wonder what the self-cleaning function does (new oven, never done it before EVER on any oven). So I push the self-cleaning button and it gives choices: 1, 2, or 3. I figured WOW! It only takes 1, 2 or 3 minutes?? So I choose 3 because I’m thorough like that (lol). The oven door locks…I go prep the chicken…

1 hour passes and it’s STILL not done!
So I get Kris to shut it off because I need to get the chicken roasting. He turns it off but it remained LOCKED for another 30mins!

I ended up having to start the chicken roasting in the small toaster oven, and the potatoes frying in a pan on low heat.

Then the oven door finally opens, I open it to clean the ashes (burning my thumb in the process). Then I had to reheat it to 375F which took another 20mins….

I finally transferred the chicken and potatoes to roast in the oven.

I’m sautéing the potatoes and splash oil in my eye…

I’m trying to play with Emily as well and have her chick peas to feed her baby and you can see from the photo how that turned out…chick peas EVERYWHERE but inside the container…

I cook the Swiss chard.

Finally it’s all done! Dinner served…at 8:45pm! At least it was super tasty & yummy!!

And that folks, is what NOT to do with your oven when you’re prepping for supper!




  • http://www.facebook.com/celine.trahan.96 Celine Trahan

    lol, sorry to laugh but it is funny! Too bad for your eye 😛 Seriously good job getting it all together in the end! Great mama!! xx