Tried something new today for breakfast: Steel cut oats

Tried steel cut oats for the first time! I was anticipating not liking the consistency because I’m used to quick cook oats, but it actually enjoy it! The texture keeps things interesting!

After it was cooked, I poached an egg in it and drizzled honey around when it was in my bowl. Yummy! I tried this kind because it’s the healthiest cut of oatmeal you can eat.

Tomorrow I’m going to try pre-soaking it overnight with water & lemon juice. WHAT?! Yeah. My friend was telling me that pre-soaking the oats makes it healthier – something about getting rid of phytates…

If you want the low-down on different kinds of oatmeal, how to prepare them and more info on those phytates we don’t want, check out this link:

Have an AWESOME Wednesday!