Tasty Fish Curry

I had some pieces of trout that I had yet to cook and I thought, hey, why not try making them in a curry-style dish?

So I googled “Fish Curry” and saw this chicky-poo’s video!


I got my inspiration from that and below is what I did using her video as a guideline (Like the pirate’s code! Bahaha!) I didn’t actually take step-by-step pics this time as I didn’t think it would turn out yummy the first shot but watch the video – that should help immensely.

1. Take 2 fillets of trout (I had the pink fillet variety – not white trout steaks). I took the skin off and cut the fish into 1″x1-1/2″ chunks.

2. Marinate fish in bowl with marinade: (1-1/2T Patak’s curry paste, 1t cayenne pepper, salt, 2t turmeric, 3 slices ginger & a bloop of water to make it a nice paste consistency)

3.Heat 2T of organic coconut oil in a pot.

4. Add 1t fennel seeds – fry them for a minute.

5. Saut̩ 1 sliced onion & 2 cloves chopped garlic Рadd salt to make the onions sweat Рcover and cook till browned. (Per video)

6. Add 1 chopped tomato – cover and cook until the tomatoes and onions are both nicely cooked together. (per video)

7. Add 1-1/2-2T of lemon juice, salt – mix everything up.

8. Add fish with all the marinade – cover and cook till fish is fully cooked. Be gentle when mixing the sauce with the fish as the fish is delicate and it breaks apart easily.

9. Once cooked add a few swirls of 35% cooking cream – add this at the very end & don’t overcook so as not to curdle with the lemon juice (per video)

10. Add a large handful of baby spinach & cover. (I always have a tub full and add it to everything!)

11. Once spinach is wilted, gently mix it into the dish.

Serve with basmati rice. Garnish with cilantro! Enjoy!