Soya Chicken

I wanted to try a different way to cook my whole organic chickens. I remembered the soya chicken my dad used to buy from our local Chinese restaurant and they were SO yummy!

I successfully replicated it tonight! It was so easy! No oven needed either! It was my first time cooking a whole chicken in a pot on the stovetop!

Here’s the recipe:

Soya Chicken

Note: the recipe says cook time is 44mins, it was more like 60mins for Betsy-Sue to get her internal temp to 160F

Another note:
-I didn’t have cinnamon stick so I put 1t cinnamon powder
-I didn’t have the Chinese rice wine or sherry – I used white wine
-I didn’t have star anise – I did without
-I didn’t have sczechuan peppercorn – I used regular peppercorn

I served it with white rice and sauteed bok choy in organic coconut oil with garlic and adding some of that yummy soya sauce marinade the chicken was cooking in!