Play with Your Food!

I’ve always told my friends that I feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen!
(I think they just take out the scientist bit and just think I’m plain mad, but that’s a whole other post)

Yesterday I tried a healthy snack with a new twist:

Avocados with honey (instead of white sugar) and the twist: sprinkled with sesame seeds! It really works together!

This morning I tried to make an “omelette sushi”! It was a fun breakfast!

Didn’t really work structurally and I totally over garnished (however I LOVE cilantro so no prob there). The taste was yummy and I got to play with my food!

Play with your food this weekend! Be adventurous! Who knows what wild and tasty combinations of flavored you’ll discover!





  • Marsha Law

    Yes, you are wholly and delightfully mad. Now, can you please tell me how you toast your sesame? Is there a quick stovetop method so I can eliminate the whole keeping-vigil-at-the-oven-door-to-check-brownness nonsense?

    • iriskingbrunner

      Oh I didn’t toast mine, I bought them in a shaker jar thingy and use them as-is. :) But if I were to toast them, I’d totally use a teflon pan and just toast them for a few minutes till I smell sesame and then turn it off. Definitely too delicate for the oven toasting method.