Marzipan adventure!

I was asked by my fiend..I mean, friend Marsha to make this pigs in a mud bath cake for her bf’s birthday. I was SO stoked!

All I had to figure out was how to make the pigs as I had never made edible figures before in my life! I figured, I’ll never learn unless I promise to make a cake for someone that requires me to make them! 😉

After researching my options: fondant vs. marzipan, I chose the latter. It sounded less complicated to make, with ingredients I can easily find (fondant requires liquid glucose…), plus I didn’t need it to be pure white so marzipan it was!

Instructions / Ingredients:

1. Put 1 whole egg, 1 egg yoke, 1/2 C sugar, 1 C sifted powdered (icing) sugar
into a heatproof bowl and place over a pan of hot water. Whisk until thick & creamy.

*Use manual whisk and not handheld one (see mess in picture mess)

2. Remove bowl from heat, add a few drops of almond extract, stir in ground almonds then lightly knead into a ball.

It will firm up slightly as it cools but if you feel it’s still too soft, add more powdered sugar.

*I bought sliced almond and ground them up in my chopper but I feel they still weren’t fine enough as almond bits showed up during the final modeling stages… Next time I’ll try to find already finely ground almond.

That’s it!

To colour the marzipan, use a toothpick and dip into food colouring then add to marzipan and knead it in. Add colour gradually – you can always add more colour if you need but harder to take it out…

They say to use gel food colouring as its not as liquidy as regular food colouring. I used both types and they both worked fine but gel would be my first choice.

As for the modeling, just roll & poke till it looks like what you want it to look like. In my case, pigs & a carrot!

I used a toothpick, orange peeler and pumpkin carving knife to help me shape the pigs! Toothpick was my main tool – especially to make the pigs bum cracks!

It dried our after 2 hours so store what you’re not using at the moment to preserve its moistness.

Be courageous – try something new and make marzipan figures! So much fun & it’s easy too!!