Kitchen Ergonomics!

Kris & I are making sushi for our daughter Emily’s 10th birthday (her birthday dinner request!).

Usually I do a lot of prep work & slicing so I wanted to share one tip to make cooking more fun and possibly less tiring or a strain on your joints.

I’m 5′-1″ (pause for short jokes….) and when I am doing any prep work on our standard kitchen counter which is 36″ high, my wrist is bent and I get tired quicker and feel the strain on my wrist and shoulders (especially when i have a lot to prep). See first pic.

I now use my kitchen table, which is lower, at 29″ height. Not only is my wrist not all bent and mangled, but I can use part of my body weight which makes things much easier! See second pic.

My point? Just because you have a kitchen counter doesn’t mean you have to use it, especially for long prep work.

And if you’re lucky enough to create a new kitchen from scratch, figure out your ideal counter height by trying different heights. Don’t just rely on the contractor putting the “standard height”. My friend & her partner are both very tall so they even went higher than 36″HT when they created their new kitchen. Too high is bad, too low is bad too – backaches I presume (I wouldn’t know of course…lol).

It goes for fashion or life advice – just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Find what works for you and do that. :) Even street signs…they’re all just suggestions… Oh wait a minute…those standards you better follow! 😉

Happy cooking!



  • Marsha Law

    As the tall friend in question, let me add that we had the option of paying extra for spit counters at different heights. That might work when one partner is a slightly under-tall and the other one has to bend down to find her. (Sorry, you asked for the short jokes, baby!)