It’s a date! <3

I have a great date idea for couples: Make dumplings together!

One of my most favorite things to do with Kris is cooking with him! It’s a great time to connect, laugh, make something together, laugh some more and then taste the end product…it’s just pure bliss!

When you’re mixing all the dumpling ingredients you can even mix it together with your hands like Patrick & Demi in Ghost (except with dumpling stuffing instead of clay…and both of you would be alive…).

Here are the fillings I used. There’s no right or wrong filling – it’s whatever you want to put in your dumpling!

-ground pork
-1 egg
-water chestnut
-mushroom (this type I used my grandma calls “tenga ng daga” which means rat ears in Tagalog! Yum!)
-spring onions
-spices: soya sauce, tumeric, cayenne, salt & pepper
-sesame seeds

Other filling options:

-glass noodles (made of sweet potato flour)
-tofu-squeeze out water of tofu using hemp filter or cheese cloth
-shiitake mushrooms
-brown sugar
-toasted Sesame oil

TIP 1: Usually the dumpling wrappers are round but if you can’t find those or don’t want to go to a Chinese grocery store just for that, wonton wrappers work just as well.

TIP 2: When separating the layers of wonton wrappers, sometimes it’s frozen in the middle. If you force it, it will rip and you want to avoid that so put your palm on it for a few seconds and it will peel right off. (See picture below)

TIP 3: If you don’t like handling mushy raw meat or anything mushy, use tools like the Pampered Chef Mix’n’Chop or wear plastic gloves

TIP 4: Make sure that however you fold the dumplings, that its well sealed by pinching it firmly. If its not sealed, the dumpling may open and the stuffing may spill out and well, that would suck, especially if you want to put it in a soup after.

Once they’re in dumpling form, steam it and:
-freeze for later
-eat as is with sauce (sauce: soya sauce, garlic or ginger, rice vinegar, cayenne, spring onions)
-fry it
-put in soup