How to stretch $3.06 worth of pork!

Things are a bit tight these days and I’m trying to really stretch our food to get the most out of little but not sacrifice the yum-factor.

So I started with $3.06 worth of thin pork slices (3pcs). I cut them into strips, marinate them in garlic, brown sugar, soya sauce, salt & pepper.

Cut up veggies.

Heat up olive oil & a bit of sesame oil. Fry scallions and a few slices of ginger.

Added in the marinated pork including the garlic and marinate.

Meanwhile quickly boiling the veggies (starting from the hardest kinds like carrots then cauliflower, then celery then the red pepper.

Scoop out the veggies and add it to the pork and stir fry it.

Using the same water that you boiled the water in, boil your noodles. My egg noodles only took 3 minutes to cook.

Save some of that water in a small bowl to make a bit of sauce – mix 1T cornstarch in that water.

Then drain the noodles. Put noodles back in pot.

Add the pork & veggies stir-fry to the noodles. Add oyster flavour sauce, a bit of cayenne pepper and turmeric and the corn starch liquid.

Mix it all up with tongs.

Garnish with fresh cilantro!

Done! We had enough for 5 people and lots of leftovers! Bonus: this is a hit with the kids!