Need more TIME? How do you use your N.E.T Time?

I heard this phrase used by Tony Robins while I was listening to one of his audios during one of my N.E.T time blocks and it stuck.

N.E.T = No extra time. There are pockets of life where you can find time to do things that you want to do without needing to book extra time with yourself. Extra time we usually don’t have.

I was in the car driving somewhere and I used that same time to feed my mind by listening to an audio CD.

I’m waiting at the Vet for Watson to get his shots – I listened to a sermon, called my grandmother, connected with a few friends via text that I haven’t talked to in a while, I’m blogging… (Yes…been waiting a LONG time…lol)

I put on worship songs in the car on my way to and back from work to have my daily worship time.

Where can you find pockets of N.E.T time in your life?

Here are a few areas where you can find some:
-During your daily commute
-While doing chores
-While cooking
-Running errands
-While at the gym or on the treadmill at home
-While waiting for an appointment
-TV / Internet time

What would you do with those pockets of time to add to your life?

What are the things you’ve said “I WANT to do / read / learn ______ BUT I have no time…” that you can do during those times?

Take action and list at least 3 things!

For me:
1) Read bible while having my morning coffee
2) Sing worship songs to and from work
3) Blog when in waiting rooms or that in between time when the kids are getting ready for bed and the time I tuck them in
4) Invest in my relationships by texting or calling a friend or family member I haven’t talked to in a while during a block of NET time; OR simply relax muscles and focus deep on breathing

I could go on buy I think the vet’s finally going to call Watson soon (after waiting over 2 hrs! He’s falling asleep on my lap poor baby! Lol)