Get your kids involved in the kitchen!

Bash! Roll! Pick! Shake!

It’s like a Batman episode from the 80s!

Get your kids involved and handling food at an early age!

Then can do easy things like:

-Shaking shrimp in a ziplock bag to coat it with corn starch
-Flatten a chicken breast with a rolling pin (or in my case, a hammer)
-Helping clean the stringy parts off snow peas
-Choose produce when grocery shopping
-Plating their food
-you get the point!

Our eldest is 12 and learned how to assemble & roll sushi!

It’s a great time to connect and teach them a valuable life skill!







  • Churyl Zeviar

    i try to get my son to help, but he almost always says ‘no.’ any tips?

    • iriskingbrunner

      Hm!!! I can only share what I do with mine:

      1) “Who wants to help me with….?” – since there are 3 kids they usually don’t wait for me to finish my sentence, they say: “Oooh pick me! Pick me!” vs. asking the kid directly. Maybe you can ask when Kevin is around and he can hype it up!

      2) I use words like “smash” “bash” “crush” “smoosh” “roll”

      3) Have a special kid apron just for them

      4) Have them taste stuff to start with

      5) If they like plants, maybe helping grown an herb garden would be more their thing instead of cooking

      6) Involve them in grocery shopping, have them pick out ingredients for the next meal

      7) Book the time with them and say it’s their special time alone with mommy – bonding time. (this really applies for multi-children families I guess)

      8) Don’t plan – just do what you’re going to do, but if you come across something kid friendly, like shaking meat & breadcrumbs in a ziploc bag, ask your kid if he wants to do it then make a big fuss and take pics!

      9) Invite your child to come help when he’s stressed or angry – yep, you read write! Invite them to smash something like garlic or flatten chicken breasts by pounding it with a rolling pin or chopping something by whacking one of those slap chop devices! And joke and say, this is how mommy relieves her stress! Is it working? I tried this once and it worked like a charm. He was in a good mood after pounding the chicken! lol!

      That’s all I can think of for now!

      Let me know if any of these work for you Churyl!!