First time meeting and talking to Local Farmers! Weee!!

Kris & I went to St-Anne’s market today featuring local farmers showcasing local &/or organic produce, cheese, honey, teas, meats, jams and other organic / local / fair trade goodies!

There were about 12 vendors. Produce was limited but it’s to be expected during winter. A variety of squashes were available, garlic, onions, beets, cabbage, apples, parsnips, lettuce, kale & carrots!

We bought an organic spaghetti squash and a beet for $3.25! There’s very little grown during the winter (they grown lettuce in a glass house). The rest are from the summer / fall harvest that are put in special cold storages for the winter.

We also bought non-pasteurized honey for $6.75! I asked what the difference is between that thick & creamy honey vs. liquidy honey. The dude said the creamier one is better as a spread for toast but essentially both taste the same. Also, I learned that the darker the colour of the honey the stronger the honey flavor is.

I also asked what the difference is between honey at our grocery stores vs his. The honey we find at the groceries are 90% pasteurized and mostly sugar while his is raw non-pasteurized honey so the taste and health benefits of honey remain. I’m gonna look into this more as it is a whole subject in itself.

We also bought what the lady called a “Nutella replacement”! It’s made of dates, dark chocolate, lemon, maple syrup and olive oil! It was YUM!! $8.00

We also participated in a free cooking show where we learnt how to make Korean dumplings or “mandu”. It was super fun! The workshop was by this cool couple from Cooperative du Grand Orme

Here is the link to the market if ever you want to go! It started up today and will be open every Saturday 10-1pm!

It’s a lot of leg work and research to learn about the world of organic / local, but it’s well worth the effort. Physically even from the little changes I’ve made, I’m feeling better (less bloated and sluggish), and I’m also making a stand as to how I want to participate in this world – I will not continue encouraging large corporations or any business to mistreat farmers, animals, and do things unethically.

Of course budget and knowledge are factors in being able to do more of that so I’m taking baby steps! I have a great group of women who are making these changes with me and we’re learning together and making little changes bit by bit! As I learn I will share it with you!