Feed your mind!

You_Are_What_You_Feed_Your_Mind_3Be intentional about FEEDING YOUR MIND with good stuff daily. 

Why? Because we are constantly being bombarded by lots of crap in the media, social media, the news, and the lot.

We are what we eat….with our mind!

Renew your mind.

Give it fresh ideas to expand your vision.

It’s as important as nourishing your body.


Sure you do!

Plug in a Tony Robbins CD while driving to work.

Turn on the audio bible while you have your breakfast.

Put on a Les Brown video on YouTube and play it while you’re cooking.

Listen to inspirational music or audio books while working out.


There are a lot of pockets of time where you’re doing something mundane when you can integrate these “feeding times” without having to set aside special block of time for it.


I’ll be posting some recommended books and videos soon!