Easy Tofu Side Dish

Here’s an easy tofu side dish that literally takes 15 mins max to make.

Buy firm tofu in a cube. Available in most grocery stores – Asian grocery stores have lots more variety & sizes but the packs at the grocery does the trick.

Tofu has different firmness for different dishes – you want to buy the firm kind because if you buy medium or soft, it’s way harder to handle.

1) Drain the tofu from package.
2) Slice tofu into 3/8″-1/4″ slices – depends how thick or thin you want it
3) Fry in oil on medium high heat.
4) Fry both sides till golden-ish & crispy-looking-ish and you’re done!

*Dont over fry or they’ll get chewy and dry… Hence the “ish” & “ish” above. 😉

Serve with dipping sauce, also very easy: soya sauce + a small bloop of sesame oil + crushed garlic (1 clove is usually plenty. Use 2-3 if you don’t plan to talk to anyone for a week or vice versa).

*sesame oil not necessary

Serve with fresh cilantro in the side as well if you like. I added that for the first time today and it was a nice garnish.