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Easy-Peasy Ranch Salad Dressing!

DINNER: Breaded chicken breast slices on salad with fresh cilantro & eggs with home-made ranch dressing! I made our own… Continue reading »


High Protein Gluten-Free Pancakes by Smigli Slings

Kris & I tried this new pancake recipe! It was delicious!! The consistency is a tad different so it took… Continue reading »


Why Pre-Soak Oatmeal? (And what the heck are PHYTATES?)

I pre soaked my steel cut oats last night with the required amount of water and then added lemon juice… Continue reading »


Tried a new recipe: Beef Stew with Newcastle Brown Ale by Jaimie Oliver

I tried a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s recipe book, Happy Days With The Naked Chef called: Beef Stew with Newcastle… Continue reading »


Tried something new today for breakfast: Steel cut oats

Tried steel cut oats for the first time! I was anticipating not liking the consistency because I’m used to quick… Continue reading »


Asian Style Salmon with Noodle Broth

This is one of the tastiest dishes I’ve made – EVER! And one of the simplest. The key thing to… Continue reading »


Tasty, light, healthy!

I experimented with spaghetti squash today in my attempt to replace some of the carbs I consume. I made it… Continue reading »


Franco, the Blue-Spotted Turtle Cake