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Marzipan adventure!

I was asked by my fiend..I mean, friend Marsha to make this pigs in a mud bath cake for her… Continue reading »


Grampa’s Buns

My father-in-law, Kenton, always makes these buns! I finally took the time to ask him how he makes these dinner… Continue reading »


Simple Pork & Winter melon Soup

Wasn’t feeling well today so I made an easy soup with pork bones that still have meat on them. 1…. Continue reading »


Awesome Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

This is my go-to cookie recipe and my husband’s fave. Tip 1) If your butter isn’t softened because you just… Continue reading »


A Childhood Fave: Kiam-Pung (Salty-Rice)

I’m SO stoked! I was actually successful in making this childhood fave of mine! My dad made it once for… Continue reading »


Impress Your Guests with this Super Dramatic Chicken Recipe!

My BFF Marsha & I tried this super fun Jaimie Oliver recipe: Flour and Water Crust Chicken It’s my first… Continue reading »


Chocolate Soufflé!

My BFF & I made chocolate soufflé for the first time today! it was super easy & DECADENT! Here’s the… Continue reading »


Warm bread salad with spinach, bacon, feta cheese and poached egg!

I love cooking with my BFF Monica! We always try new recipes! Today we tried Jaimie Oliver’s Warm Bread Salad… Continue reading »


Greta, my first Organic Chicken!

Meet Greta! She’s my first organic chicken I’ve ever bought from a local farmer! I was oober stoked to roast… Continue reading »


It’s a date! <3

I have a great date idea for couples: Make dumplings together! One of my most favorite things to do with… Continue reading »