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Play with Your Food!

I’ve always told my friends that I feel like a mad scientist in the kitchen! (I think they just take… Continue reading »


Why Pre-Soak Oatmeal? (And what the heck are PHYTATES?)

I pre soaked my steel cut oats last night with the required amount of water and then added lemon juice… Continue reading »


Taking personal responsibility for our HEALTH starts here.

Food, Inc. is a video that is a must-watch. We should no longer turn a blind eye on what is… Continue reading »


An Inexpensive but very useful tool every kitchen should have

I made Jaimie Oliver’s Killer Jerk Chicken today and in that recipe, I had to make jerk sauce for the… Continue reading »


Is cooking with COCONUT OIL good or bad for our health?

Apperently it’s not bad for you, however it’s not recommended to replace all the oils in your pantry and use… Continue reading »

Essential Knife Skills

MUST WATCH: Essential knife skills by Jaimie Oliver