Bicol Express – a spiceh Filipino pork & chilli dish!

This is a dish that I loved when I lived in the Philippines! It’s spicy, tasty & easy to make, especially if you have some key tools!

Here’s the recipe:

Changes I made to the recipe:

-I used ground pork instead of pork belly because that’s what I had handy – pork belly would have been more tasty coz it has that fat but ground pork does the trick

-I didn’t have lemongrass and it tasted fine without

– I added 1 t turmeric & used ghee instead of olive oil (coz I really wanted to try ghee…but olive oil works just as well

– I used only 5 finger chillies so it wasn’t super spicy. It had just the perfect zing to it.

Handy tools to have:

1. A hand chopper so that you don’t have to manually finely chop the ginger, onions & garlic – it literally took me a few seconds to get that all chopped! I’m using The Pampered Chef food chopper.

2. The black tool is a mix’n’chop by The Pampered Chef. It’s a great tool when cooking ground meat – it helps break it up, especially when it’s still kinda frozen in the middle

VERY IMPORTANT: When chopping up the chillies, wear gloves!! The spicy oils from the peppers will go on your hands and they will burn for at least a day, most likely 2… It happened to me once and it was pure agony! There was no remedy except time…

ANYWAY – enjoy you’re meal! Try this out if you love pork + coconut milk + chillies! :)