An Inexpensive but very useful tool every kitchen should have

I made Jaimie Oliver’s Killer Jerk Chicken today and in that recipe, I had to make jerk sauce for the chicken to cook in.

You could also buy jerk sauce in a bottle, but it’s so much more healthier making it yourself!

Making it yourself is is not hard when you have the proper tools! I highly recommend you get a 3-in-1 multi-purpose immersion hand mixer (great for soups, shakes etc) / food processor (chopping up onions, salsa, making marinades etc), and hand blender (whisk for cakes, eggs etc.)

I bought mine at Loblaws on sale for $30+ tax. They range from $30-50. Very inexpensive for the time it saves and for what you can do and the yummy dishes you can create with it!

I used the food processor attachment for the marinade in this dish! It’s so gratifying and yummy making it myself and I know exactly what is in the dish I’m eating!