3D Car Cake Adventure!

Every cake I do, I learn so much because I almost never do the same type of cake twice.

I won’t share with you how to bake a cake since there are so many articles about that. Instead, I’ll share what I learned baking & decorating this 3D car cake!

1) PROBLEM: I used a yellow cake recipe enough to fill two 8″ pans. The batter was NOT enough so I was missing the whole bottom bumper part of the cake… *panic!*

SOLUTION: You need 6-1/2 cups batter or 2 box cakes worth (don’t bake box cakes if you can help it – they’re more flimsy -especially if you’re going to ice the cake. And they don’t taste as good as the ones made made from scratch)

FIXING THE PROBLEM: The cake rose in the middle so I had enough height to fake a bumper so I filled the bottom in with icing, let it solidify a bit, then ice the bumper as I would have if there was cake there.

2) AESTHETIC PREFERENCE: I wanted the roof to be more rounded instead of flat.

SOLUTION: I made icing but made it thick to start so I could take a glob and mold it to the shape I want for the roof. Then I made the rest of the icing the desired consistency & colour.

SIDE NOTE ON ICING: Make your own icing for cake decorating instead of buying the instant Betty Crocker ones. I find the consistency not ideal for decorating. Pair that icing with a box cake batter and its a cake decorating nightmare.

I used a butter frosting.

3) STACKING CAKES: I had never stacked one cake on top of another. I only vaguely remembered the technique when my mother-outlaw did it for our wedding cake. I had to put this car on top of a pre-made Loblaws white cake. I wasn’t sure if my car would be too heavy for it and sink.


Insert wooden dowels in the base cake – enough to support the cake on top. Make sure to cut the dowels all the same length. Measure the length required by sticking a dowel in the base cake and mark it. Give it to your husband to cut the rest. He’ll thank you for the opportunity to use his tools. 😉

I had the car cake on a round cake board so I cut the board to size and carefully plopped it on the base cake. Voila! Car didn’t sink!

4) TIP POSING FOR AN ACTION SHOT WHILST ICING THE CAKE: Stop squeezing the icing while you’re posing or else when you look down you’ll have a nice squiggle blob that you DIDN’T want on the cake… Sigh! And I did it twice! Good thing I was able to fix it! Lol!

SIDE NOTE ON FOOD COLOURING: If you need a true red or black or any other colour, use GEL food colouring and not liquid food colouring. See pic.

All materials mentioned (dowels, cake boards, gel food colouring) are all available at Walmart so no need to go to a fancy store like ARES where you’ll probably pay more for the same thing.