17 meals from $13 of Salmon!

As mentioned in previous posts, things are a bit tight these days and so I’m embarking on this journey on making things stretch!

Instead of feeling ashamed, embarrassed (ok, that’s the same thing ‘ish), discouraged, self-pity…I’m looking at this as a challenge on how CREATIVE I can be! How I can still make yummy & hopefully healthy meals on a budget!

So here we go!

I bought 1 length of salmon and I made 17 meals out of it!

I made oven-baked BBQ salmon with fennel, salt & pepper with roasted veggies for supper for the 5 of us.

3 of us had leftovers for lunch the next day.

With the rest of the salmon, I pre-made a cold pasta salad with cucumber, tomatoes & corn with olive oil, herbs, came sugar & balsamic vinegar dressing. We ate tonight with some chicken nuggets (yeah…not healthy but trying to keep things fun for the kids once & a while).

4 of us are taking the leftovers of the pasta salad for lunch tomorrow!

That makes 17 meals! I’d say I stretched that one out!

I find it refreshing to go through this exercise – it really opened my eyes as to how much more efficient and less wasteful I can be. :)









  • Churyl Zeviar

    wow! awesome. and inspiring!